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Yoga in Mitte und Kreuzberg a balancing, joyful yet demanding class, an invitation to enter into a conversation with ourselves, our bodies, time and space – an invitation to be in peace; to take time for yourself, to unite body, mind and spirit in the now through strong but meditative physical practice; to reconnect with instinct and intuition, to listen to ourselves; to be in peace with ourselves, life, the surrounding. elements of smai tawi, ancient egyptian yogic approach and traces of related knowledge and wisdom enrich the practice– crucial to the practice is balance– balancing the forces, all aspects of our lives, yin and yang, actions of the right and left hemispheres of our brains, the female and the male, action and rest, movement and stillness. the balance of forces, pursued by yogis over millennia is a highly relevant practice up to, and especially in, our current times. i am a teacher for yoga (500 hs), and a visual artist. for more than 15 years, i am practicing yoga. my first approach actually was as a young child through a book we studied with my cousins by ourselves, and i was fascinated by it right from the beginning loving the simplicity and joy. also, from then on, i started recognizing asanas and further aspects of yoga all around in daily life and other practices. its closeness to life also reveals itself in the titling of asanas mainly inspired by nature. i was trained in zenyoga and dynamic mindfulness yoga, vinyasa flow with elements of martial arts as well as kemetic yoga. In the past i practiced hatha yoga and Vinyasa. The style I teach is informed by all the styles, the kemetic approach is the guiding threat..

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